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10 Marriage Tips Everyone Needs To Know

10 Marriage Tips Everyone Needs To Know

This man has learned what matters the hard way. If you are a guy or if you have one, read on this is inspiring.

Obviously, Im no relationship expert. But theres something about my divorce being finalized that makes me think of all the things I wish I had done differently.  Heres my best advice on how to get together and stay together:

1) Don’t get lazy. Never stop courting. Never stop dating. Fall in love with that quirky, beautiful person every single day.

2) Speak her language. Learn what makes her feel cherished. Then find time to tell her I love you in a way you know shell understand with or without words.

3) Notice what what you love, not what you hate. Work hard to see the best in her. If you constantly look for things that bug you, you will spend your life feeling, well, bugged.

4) Remember: its not her, its you. Dont blame her for your bad mood. When you get angry, ask:  what is going on inside me right now? Anger can be a sign of your  own hurt, so find the support  you need. Its not her job to make you happy.  Only you can do that.

5) Become a forgiveness ninja. Practice forgiving quickly and stealthily. Dont call attention to how forgiving you are being. Defeat old anger and old arguments thoroughly, so that theyll never attack you again.

6) Trust her. Drop the mask and show her the parts of you that are hurting and confused. Guys who insist on always being strong, never raw, can come across as intimidating. If you trust her, shell trust you.

7) Give her your time. Shes with you because she wants to be with you, right? So give her the gift of your time and attention, even before you give her other things. Becauselets be honestdiamonds arent your girls best friend. You are.

8) Be brave enough to cry. No matter what  your daddy told you, real men do cry. You dont have to have it all together for her all the time. Really, you dont. Tears can bring you two so much closer togetherand thats a powerful turn on.

9) Be brave enough to let her cry. When shes upset, you want to make it all better for her so the tears stop. Thats your job, right? Wrong.  Her tears are not a problem you need to solve. Just holding her as she cries will comfort her in a much deeper way than any advice you could come up with.

10) Be an idiot. Be silly. Make her laugh. Make yourself laugh. Laughter makes everything easier, so stop taking yourself so seriously.

Are you brave enough to be this kind of guy? Share this and spread the word.

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