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When Biker Gang Protects Abused Children – Proud Moment

When Biker Gang Protects Abused Children – Proud Moment

Bikers get the same reaction as cops well kind of. We all look at them in fear, obviously with bikers it’s for different reasons. They’re commonly seen as brutal thugs, ready to fight at the slightest snicker. In reality, bikers come from all walks of life, lawyers, accountants, engineers, teachers, housewives/husbands, you name it.

There is a special bond between bikers you hurt one, you hurt all of them. And, this particular biker gang will hurt (so to speak) anyone who hurts children. They are the Bikers Against Child Abuse International. Although they have a soft spot for victims of child abuse, they still mean serious business.

Don’t be mistaken by their hard appearance bandana, beard, leather, tattoos, chains and metals; these bikers are kind at heart and open their arms out to abused children, acting as their guardians.
These bikers stand out because of their soft spot: innocent victims of child abuse.
You may be taken aback by their kind and generous attitude, but there are more to bikers than just leather and chains. These bikers act as guardians for abused children.

The girl in this photo was reportedly abused by a relative. Although he is no longer in the state, he is not in jail either. Her case is progressing but at a slow pace, and she still lives fearing what happened will happen to her again. The group of bikers helping her are members of the Arizona chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse International. They ride enforcing their motto “No child deserves to live in fear” and are shown here on this girl’s driveway to help her feel safe again.

The girl in purple was abused by a relative, according to police reports – someone she should have been able to trust. He’s not in the state any longer, but the criminal case is progressing slowly, so he’s not in jail, either. She still lives in fear, but this unruly-looking mob in her driveway is there to help her feel safe again. They are members of the Arizona chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse International, and they wear their motto on their black leather vests and T-shirts: “No child deserves to live in fear.”

A biker’s support has a powerful affect on a child to feel safe and BE safe. When the girl testifies against her relative in court, these bikers will walk right beside her to the witness stand and occupy the front row of seats. They extend their comforting words “Look at us, not him”, and as the court adjourns, they will circle her and walk out with her again.
A biker’s power and attitude can help a vulnerable child feel safe… and BE safe. If this little girl has to testify against her abuser in court, they will go, too, walking with her to the witness stand and taking over the first row of seats. Pipes will tell her, “Look at us, not him.” And when she’s done, they will circle her again and walk her out.

This girl is even presented with her own biker jacket and is warmly welcomed into their gang. They’ve named her ‘Rhythm’ after her love for music and dancing. The bikers even welcomed this little girl into their gang, making her a denim jacket with the name “Rhythm” on it, for a girl who dances and loves music.

All of them volunteer 5, 10, 20 or more hours of their own time a week. They are not paid for gas or time off work. To join their group you need to be tough enough to protect the children and strong enough to handle the truth about what the children had to go through. Each biker chapter is also trained by a licensed mental health professional and are subject to a thorough criminal background check.

The bikers must be tough, not only to protect the kids but to be able to stomach knowing what their young charges may have been through. An 8-year-old beaten by Mom; a 6-year-old molested by his mother’s boyfriend. A girl, 10, raped. They are trained by a licensed mental-health professional affiliated with the chapter. Each biker must be fingerprinted and undergo a thorough criminal-background check, the same one required for state child-welfare workers and law-enforcement officers, before they can join the group.

Not all bikers look for trouble. These bikers only want to keep innocent children safe, especially when they are at their most vulnerable. Even adults feel nervous when attending court; let alone children who have been traumatised by abuse.

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