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Ice Age 3 – Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Top 7 Unseen Incidence

I don’t watch animated movies too often but I really liked unique humor behind Ice Age I when I first watched a clip of it, where that weird character – half squirrel, half mouse, half fox, – Scrat – went through such adventures and misfortunes to get hold of his beloved nut. just to lose it again.

Anyway, My fiancée and I rented a blue-ray disk of Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs from the Blockbuster and watched on a Sunday evenin. The addition of the lady Scrat was a nice touch, and the producers finally decided to put more Scrat scenes in the movie… I mean lets face it, without him, the movie would not even be nearly as funny or interesting. There was another surprise character in Ice Age 3 though, which showed some love to the old crew – Allie, Manny, Sid, Diego, Crash, and Eddie. The new character who courageously saves them in many occasion is actually a one-eyed weasel-like animal named Buckminster, or as he’d like to be called “Buck”.

But before we were able to watch it, I had to go through an hour of firmware upgrading for my blue-ray (Samsung BD-P1500) player, because apparently the Ice Age 3 blue-ray had to be played with the newest software technology.
Yes, what should really haven taken only 10 minutes, did take me around an hour, but that was mostly becuase of Samsung’s poor web support.

First of all, the manual does not completely tell the user how to upgrade to the new firmware using CD or USB drive… It refers you to the online “Upgrade Manual” – which, haaah! I had problem downloading from their website.
Even if you knew how to do that – I figured out how simple it was later on – downloading the new firmware was a huge problem… their site would constantly return an error message that this file does not exist, until I was finally able to get through, I don’t know if I can call it low bandwidth or not, but I got through it and however slowly downloaded it.
Top 7 reasons why I liked Ice Age 3 – Dawn of Dinosaurs:
1- The graphics under the Blue-ray, hi definition technology were fantastic
2- The 3D movie was funny more than half of the time
3- Addition of that sexy female Scrat and the Scrats’ developing love story
4- That “Buck” character was pretty smooth – I liked him
5- Took long but I finally upgraded my Samsung PD-1500 Blue-ray player to 2.5 firmware
6- After watching it we decided to get a larger than 50″ hi-definition TV – YES!
7- And an HD box – YEP!

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