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Top 10 Lost Cities in the World Grand Civilizations Once Again Discovered

Top 10 Lost Cities in the World Grand Civilizations Once Again DiscoveredWhen a city is abandoned and left to deteriorate, it is becomes a Lost City. This can happen due a variety of reasons but the most common causes for lost cities have historically been things like a natural disaster, diseases, war or migration. Most of these cities are rediscovered, but others have gained legend status because they are never found. Below you can find the Top 10 Lost Cities in the World which have captured the attention of archeologists, historians and adventurers.
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10. Babylon, Iraq Earth First Civilization

As the first civilization on Earth, Babylon is renowned for having a fascinating history and is considered as one of the seven wonders in the ancient world. Babylon had hanging gardens, which were built on terraces inside the city walls. It is said that the walls of the city were destroyed a century after the construction of the Hanging Gardens.

9. Ciudad Perdida, Colombia The Spanish Lost City

An archaeological site in the ancient city of Sierra Nevada, Ciudad Perdida actually means Lost City in Spanish. The records show that it was founded around 800 AD. Some local treasure looters discovered this area after seeing a number of stone steps going up the mountainside.

8. Akrotiri, Santorini Island, Greece A Well Irrigated Ancient City

When Akrotiri was discovered in 1967, there were well-preserved homes as high as three stores, frescos and a multifaceted settlement. A water supply system showed that the inhabitants had access to cold and hot running water.

7. Palmyra, Syria The Lost Bride of the Desert

Located in Central Syria, Palmyra was a very important city in ancient times. Also called the Bride of the Desert, this city was always a vital caravan for people who travel across the Syrian Desert. Many magnificent structures were revealed after the excavations Palmyra and its surroundings, including the notable Baal Temple and many other buildings such as houses, theater, arch and funeral necropolis with beautiful ornaments.

6. Pompeii, Italy Lost Roman City

Vesuvius, a very powerful volcano, erupted in AD 79 to destroy and bury this Roman city under sixty feet of rock and ash. There were about 20,000 inhabitants during that time. The ruins stood for 1,700 years and were rediscovered accidentally in 1748.

5. Tikal, Guatemala Lost Mayan City

This Mayan city was the capital of a kingdom in the ancient years with a population of ninety thousand people. From 200 to 900 AD, it was a major city in the New World with deserted lands and 4,000 buildings. The city was engulfed in a lush forest for over 1,000 years.

4. Troy, Turkey City of Trojans Horse

Troy, Turkey – Top 10 Discovered Cities
Here again Turkey holds one of the top 10 lost cities in the world. Troy is Located in modern Turkey, which has always been a legendary city that is best-known as the Trojan’s war site. This city was believed to be a myth up until it was excavated in 1870. It became UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998.

3. Angkor, Cambodia Lost City of Khmer Empire

Angkor, Cambodia – Top 10 Discovered Cities in the World
Angkor is the capital city of the Khmer empire and is famous for many things including a renowned temple which is said to be the world’s largest religious monument. It was believed to have been built in the twelfth century and is now another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many people visit annually to view the magnificent sites that holes one of the lost cities in the world.

2. Petra, Jordan Lost City of Temples, Tombs and Carved Stones

Petra, Jordan – Top 10 Discovered Cities in the World
Petra, Jordan Top 10 Discovered Cities in the World

Petra boasts incomparable architectures with beautiful carved rocks. This historical treasure became known in 1812 and is located in Maan. As yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is preserved well with temples, tombs, buildings, tombs, streets and monuments.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru The Greatest of Top 10 Lost Cities in the World

Machu Picchu, Peru – Top 10 Lost Cities in the World
Machu Picchu, Peru Top 10 Lost Cities in the World

The Machu Picchu is considered the most mysterious amongst the top 10 lost cities in the world. It was isolated close to the Urubamba Valley until Hiram Bingham, a historian, visited the area in 1911. The city had advanced modern features and many districts. It became a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1983.

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