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Top 10 Best Ways of Saving Money

Top 10 Best Ways of Saving Money

10. List No Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you go to shop for groceries or cloths; it is a good idea that you do not leave your house without having written down exactly what you want to purchase. This way you can avoid becoming an impulse buyer. People in general struggle with controlling the temptation to buy more than they need and many times window shopping can cost you hundreds of dollars before you know it.  So if you want to save money do not forget your shopping list.

9. Eat More Home Cooking

Buying the ingredients and putting your favorite pizza or pasta together is far cheaper than going out to eat. This is even more so if you are part of a family with kids.  Cooking at home to save money may not be as easy for parents who both work out side the home and are constrained by time. In such cases quick meals can be cooked and prepared for 2 or 3 days at once and stored in the freezer. If cooking at home is difficult for your or you are used to eating out, try cutting it down week by week. You can start by cooking once or twice at home and build your way up.

8. Debt Consolidation – One of the Best Ways to Save Money

It is not a good idea to fall under huge debts, however, the reality is that many people struggle with more than a few loans on top their hefty mortgage. Therefore, it is in many cases a good idea to combine all your loads into one single package under the cheapest interest rate you can find. If you have high credit card debts, which you pay a lot of interest on, you should talk to your financial advisor to find out if you can pay it off with a line of credit or simply using your mortgage liquidity balance. Remember that the more money you pay in interest, the more money you literally throw away.

7. Generic Products Will Save You Money

Should it really matter if your socks have the Adidas logo on them or not? If you want to save money and be serious about following the best ways to save money then you should forget about little things that will not make a difference in your life. Find good no-name and generic products that are proven to be of good quality and don’t get fooled by name brands. Remember that in some cases a name brand is proven signature of quality, functionality and durability of a product and its effectively, but in a lot of cases it really doesn’t make a that much of a difference to be worth the extra dollars.

6. Cut Expense with Cable and Phone

Ok here is the thing most people can get away with not having cable just fine and man people do not even watch enough TV to justify the cable costs. Today a lot of the programs, shows and news, which you need can be found the internet that there are devices like RokuXDS that can stream it right on your TV. Next on the list of things that you can probably do without is your home phone. Chances are you have a cell phone and use more than your home phone. See if you can cancel your home phone and save the extra $20 or $30 a month.

5. Saving Money with Different Credit Cards

Choosing the right credit card can make a different between hundreds if not a few thousands of dollars every year. Howe, well first of one of the best ways to save money with credit card is to choose one with minimum annual fee and one that gives you the most rewards. But you have adjusts the rewards to your needs, if you on yearly vacations and want to maintain it, you should get a credit card with highest traveling points. If you don’t care about traveling points you can get one that will give you a percentage cash back at the end of the year.

4. Shop in Bulk – Best Ways of Saving Money

It is in many cases cheaper to shop in bulk amounts than to buy on an as-you-need basis. Consider a small gum pack, it may cost around $1.20 but if you buy a pack of 4 it might just cost you no more than $4. This doesn’t mean that you go crazy on everything you need, watch out for expiry dates on groceries and can food and this method of saving money can work well for non-perishable goods if you are sure of their use.

3. Filter Tap Water Instead of Bottled Water

Millions of people spend hundreds of dollars on bottled water on a monthly basis, while creating millions tons of dangerous and indecomposable plastic wastes. Bottled water is one of the least healthy of water types to drink and can be toxic to your body. You can drink tap water from but at times even tap water can contain unhealthy ingredients like Fluoride. However, in many cities

2. Bike or Carpool or Carpool Instead of Driving

Many will argue that it is not practical for them to ride their bike to work but a lot of people can at least carpool with a family member, a friend or a co-worker. In the face of rising gas prices and environmental pollution, it is perhaps a good idea to make the extra effort to find that extra someone to share a car with. If it is possible for you take your bike for small errands that are close by. Not only is riding a bike good for your pocket and helps you save money, it is also good for your health and is considered a great exercise.

1. Reward Yourself with Money Saved

This is a very tip to cap off our top 10 ways of saving money list. Every time you follow any of the steps above, just put the money or half of it into a saving jar or a savings bank account. Let’s say you were shopping for a pair of pants that you need but you came very close to getting the share that you really did not need. Your strong will and remembering that you need to save allows you to pass by buying this shirt on an impulse. Now is the time to reward yourself. If the shirt costs $30 put that or at least half of in a piggy bank or a savings account. Not only have you not spend the money on something you did not need but you ended up saving just as much. Good job! This is exactly one of the best ways of saving money.

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