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Top 10 Most Dangerous Human Killing Sharks: Ocean’s Most Agressive Predators

As the name suggests, the Black tip sharks have noticeable black dorsal fin spots and commonly to exist in the coastal tropical and subtropical waters around the world. Black-tip sharks usually grow to length of 1.5 m (4.9 ft) and can easily take a human leg or an arm in a bite.

6- Sand Tiger Shark

Known unprovoked attacks 32 humans, killing 3 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Sand Tiger Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Sand Tiger Shark

As the sixth species on the list of most dangerous sharkssand sharks are found worldwide in tropical waters on both sides of the Atlantic oceans. Sand sharks are the only known species of shark to surface for gulps of air, which are they able to store in their stomach. The air taken from the surface will allow these sharks to float motionless in the water as they hunt.


5- Blue Shark

Known unprovoked attacks on 13 humans, killing 4 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Blue Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Blue Shark

The blue sharks live in deep waters in the world’s tropical oceans. While they prefer cooler waters, blue sharks are known to migrate thousands of kilometers. They mostly haunt and eat on smaller fish and squid, but they have been seen hunting and taking much bigger prays like humans. As the fifth most human killing shark, blue sharks also go by the nickname of the “wolves of the sea”.

4- Requiem Shark

Known unprovoked attacks on 39 humans, killing 7 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Requiem Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Requiem Shark

Requiem sharks (in all of its species) swim in the warm seas and oceans of the world. Requiem sharks have round eyes and give birth to youngs that are born fully developed.  This dangerous shark varies widely in size, ranging from lengths of as little as 69 centimeters (2.26 ft) adult up to a massive length of 7.5 meters (25 ft) adult length, which is as long as a fully grown great white. As the fourth most dangerous shark to humans, requiem sharks have been recorded on a large number of attacks on humans.

3- Bull Shark

Known unprovoked attacks on 82 humans, killing 25 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Bull Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Bull Shark

The bull sharks are also known as Zambezi sharks, which are very common in the warm waters of  all around the world. What makes this shark so different and dangerous to people is that it can swim up shallow, rivers and pond and has the ability to take on fresh waters as well as salt waters. Swimming along the coasts and up the rivers, the bull shark is well known for its unpredictable, often aggressive behavior and attacks on humans. Various other polls have listed bull sharks as having the most number of attacks on humans than any other sharks.

2- Tiger Shark

Known unprovoked attacks on 88 humans, killing 27 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Tiger Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Tiger Shark

As the ninth most dangerous shark to humans, tiger sharks can rip through the ocean waters at blistering speeds also amongst the top 10 fastest swimmers. Tiger sharks can reach lengths of over 5 meters (16 ft). These massive and dangerous sharks have extremely powerful jaws and are found in many tropical oceans.

Most Dangerous Sharks

1- The Great White Shark: Top 10 Most Dangerous Sharks

Known unprovoked attacks on 237 humans, killing 65 people.

Most Dangerous Sharks - Great White Shark

Most Dangerous Sharks – Great White Shark

Number one of on top of the most human killing sharks is of course the great white. When talking about the great whites most people can quickly remember the best selling novel and movie Jaws. The great white is also know as the white death. This shark is the largest and the most dangerous specie of shark, growing to lengths of 6 meters (20 ft) in length and as much as 2,268 kilograms (5,000 lb) in weight. The great white shark usually feeds on ocean mammals like seals and larger fish like the tuna and can easily mistake a human for its prey. For this very reason swimmers and surfers usually fall at the risk of being attacked.

To conclude our list let us remember that sharks are not by nature brutal and aggressive towards humans, while it is actually the human specie that is killing millions of sharks on yearly basis. Sharks play a very vital role in the ecosystem of our world and their demise could affect the lives of every human being on earth.

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