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Ananya Panday’s mom Bhavna Panday reveals how actress deals with trolls

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday, who has usually confronted the darkish aspect of cyberbullying, is a constructive individual and doesn’t go right into a low due to one thing that has been stated about her, says Bhavna Pandey, who tags herself as a protecting mom.

Talking about being a guarded mom to Ananya or letting the actress deal with her personal issues, Bhavna advised IANS: “Yes, I am guarded and protective of her as any mother would be about her child and, of course, with her being in the public domain there are a lot of judgements that are passed.”

Bhavna stated that originally, she would get upset studying feedback about her daughter.

“In the beginning, I would read every comment and read everything that came her way, and I would get more upset than even her. But now as time has passed, I have got used to all that and I understand.”

She stated that Ananya has acquired her constructive streak from her father, actor Chunky Panday.

“I think with Ananya she has taken that from her father. She is a very happy and positive person and she doesn’t take things to her heart too much. She doesn’t go into a low because of something has been said about her. So, the atmosphere is generally very happy and nice,” Bhavna stated.

Bhavna, who was just lately seen within the internet present “The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives”, stated as a mom she used to get very “hurt and angry”, including: “Now I understand that being a public figure it’s okay. Sometimes they write unnecessary things that are not required. If someone is giving constructive criticism is welcome. You have put yourself out there people are paying for the ticket and they have an opinion. But body-shaming and talking about looks and things which are unnecessary that I feel like it is just a bit much. That is not required.”

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