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Arjun Rampal’s 2021’s first post hints at drugs probe, says ‘I have never been on wrong side of the legislation’

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal in his first post of 2021, talked about the classes he discovered in 2020, hinting at the ‘drug case.’ He opened up about being known as in by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for questioning in reference to an investigation into Bollywood’s alleged drug hyperlinks. He said that he has ‘never been on the wrong side of the law’. He additionally shared the ‘readability’ that 2020 had introduced him. 

In a much-elaborated assertion shared on Twitter, Arjun wrote, Concern, a phrase which means a lot greater than it ever did. So, as we head into 2021 it’s concern that makes me pen down my ideas of a yr that crammed tens of millions of lives with worry, nervousness, disruption, scandals, hypocrisy, lies, truths, realisation, enlightenment, bravery, power, braveness, charity, confusion, readability and character. Most of these feelings I have felt myself, as I silently noticed every one of them overwhelm me with an emotion that every of the adjectives carry.”

“Yes, I am concerned… concerned about my family, my work, my fans, my friends, my country, my industry. All the concerns have only been lessons learned and perspective and approached changed. Therefore, as we pull the curtains on 2020, I would like to share with you with complete honestly my experience and the clarity each experience has brought,” he added. 

Sharing the classes he has discovered in 2020 with respect to the household, he mentioned that there’s a tendency to take them without any consideration, “always thinking they are always there, till relationships just become relations.” He expressed gratitude for them and thanked each of them for his or her help and existence. 

Professionally, he mentioned “2020 was supposed to be one of the busienst years of my career as I embarked upon completing 20 years in the industry. With 280 days of my calendar already booked, I was certain the days would fly. But no, the universe had other plans. Halt, stop, reflect, listen, appreciate, understand and learn were the emotions felt,” he wrote. He mentioned that he was full of gratitude to return to work amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further he talked about the blessing social media was as he may work together,join and specific with followers. “2020 also exposed how dreadfully misleading, disruptive and dangerous it has been. To all my fans, I just want to thank you for being so dignified and solid through the times and through the news that surrounded me,” he wrote. 

“I love you all (fans) and going forward we shall only spread love and peace together. There is no room for any negativity in our space,” the actor additional mentioned. 

Recently, Arjun was questioned by the NCB in connecetiong with alleged drug racket in Bollywood. He appeared to discuss with incident as he reassured his followers that he has ‘done nothing wrong’.

Arjun burdened, “I would like to assure each and every one of you that I am well aware of my responsibility as a celebrity, a father and a citizen of a country I love dearly that I have never been on the wrong side of the law. You all have nothing to fear or speculate as I have done nothing wrong. I love you all and going forward we shall only spread love and peace together. There is no room for any negativity in our space.”

Arjun additionally mirrored on the impression the yr had on his friendships and revealed that many of his pals ‘disappeared’. He wrote, “Old ones and new…many disappeared. A few remained. To all those who disappeared, I thank you. For those who stayed, I look forward to getting old with you.”

Later, the actor thanked the movie trade for the classes it taught him. He wrote “To all those who know me and believed in me I am eternally indebted and grateful. To all that I may have unintentionally hurt in any way through this time I am sorry. To all who may have done the same to me I’ll forgive.” 

Talking about the media, Arjun mentioned that in 2020, he learnt ‘how ugly it is to hunt’. ” At times one is hunted, other time they hunt. Thank you for teaching me how ugly it is to hunt.”

He additionally expressed love for India and mentioned that the nation will emerge stronger from the pandemic and tragedies. “The worst is behind us, have faith, let’s learn to trust again, our leaders aren’t our enemies, the media is not always right. We all want change, change comes with its hardships as patterns needed to be broken.As they break and we move towards transition. The transition will be positive only if we are positive towards them,” he wrote.

As he concluded the observe, Arjun additionally thanked God ‘for reaching out to’ him. “With you on my side. Who needs a Godfather,” he wrote. 

Bidding adieu to the yr 2020, Arjun mentioned “Farewell 2020, I will never see you again, but I will also never forget you.”

Tweeting the similar, he wished everybody ‘New Year.’ “Wishing all of you a safe, blessed, healthy and prosperous 2021. 2020 taught us a lot. My learning is attached have a read. Happy new year,” Arjun captioned the observe. 

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