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Nora Fatehi says she learned dancing by practicing on her personal; reveals her inspiration

Nora Fatehi is a dancing queen who aces each track that she performs on, in movies, and on YouTube. Recently, Nora recalled her childhood and shared her journey about studying completely different types of dance simply by practicing on her personal sans any skilled coaching. 

Probably the preferred and liked performer of Bollywood right now, Nora Fatehi is thought for her immense expertise and is touted as an aspirational icon owing to her information and expertise in dance. However, it is a lesser-known undeniable fact that the actress just isn’t a skilled dancer however has learned the artwork by practicing on her personal. 

Taking inspiration from worldwide icons throughout the globe, Nora Fatehi devoted herself to the artwork from a younger age by following legendary performers like Shakira, Madhuri Dixit, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez in addition to Turkish stomach dancer Didem, exploring diverse terrains to ace her act. 

Talking about the identical, Nora Fatehi stated, “I was always someone who did a lot of research and I never really focused on one genre of dance or one style of music or language or culture. I always wanted to have a variety and diversity in my learning. So, I was heavily inspired by them and I would always lock myself in a room. My mom was busy doing something, talking to her friend on the phone or cleaning and I just moved in front of the mirror and see certain movements they would do and I would try and repeat it over and over again until I got it.”

In addition to this, Nora additionally spoke about her childhood and her early experiences of dance at school saying, “I am from a very ghetto area in Toronto with different types of people. I lived with a lot of people who were Jamaican, Guyanese, Nigerian, Somalian, Indian, very diverse community, and they had their ways of dancing and I picked up from all of them. At school, we used to teach each other because we didn’t really have the resources to go to posh dance schools or dance classes because nobody had the money.” 

“So, we used to teach each other and do free programmes at school, and every time there was like a certain event at school, like we had African heritage month, Asian heritage month, every month we would celebrate someone’s culture, I would be the first one on stage doing a dance performance. Every month, there’s Nora again, she’s going to dance for us, and I used to take it so seriously I used to think I’m like in the Super Bowl stage or something. So, it was always in me and I always pushed myself,” she added.

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