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Pankaj Tripathi: I’m an actor and considered a good one

Pankaj Tripathi
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Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is aware of he was by no means considered conventional hero materials, however he’s additionally conscious that he’s considered a good actor. “I was never thought of as hero material. I am an actor, and I am considered a good one at that,” stated Tripathi, including that his newest movie, the digitally-dropped “Kaagaz” gave him a character that amalgamated the concept of heroism with the notion of stardom.

“What the film does is it converges the ideas of heroism and the existent star system of the industry,” he defined.

“Kaagaz” relies on a true story and casts Tripathi as a man who’s formally declared useless, and should wage his conflict with a corrupt system to show that he’s nonetheless alive.

He considers the movie a private achievement as a result of it challenges the standard thought of the hero.

“The film’s idea redefines the heroism of Hindi Films. This is an underdog story, the story of a man who fights the system. It is presented by a leading superstar (Salman Khan), too. But the film puts the spotlight on a common man and his predicament. It reaches people on a one-on-one level,” stated Tripathi.

He is comfortable that actor-filmmaker Satish Kaushik “thought of giving an actor like me the chance to shoulder a film single-handedly”.

“It’s easy to shove us into character parts but here’s a film that thought me worthy of pulling through a project all on my own. That itself is a gamechanging move and I hope this film gives more producers the faith to follow suit,” he stated.

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