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Top 10 Low Stress Jobs in the US: Stress Free Occupations

In today’s fast-paced life style, there are a lot of people who are not quite happy about excessive stress involved in their occupations. Stress caused in our jobs may have many different sources, which could include multi-tasking, dealing with the public, lack of work-life balance, long hours or tremendously large responsibilities that can easily endanger a person�s health. However, there are also jobs that have been reported to cause much less stress than others and for those who are worried about possible health risks of work-related stress, there are other alternatives. Listed below are the top 10 jobs causing least amount stress. The data is collected from US department of labor and Laurence Shatkin’s 150 Best Low-Stress Jobs.

Top 10 Low Stress Jobs in the US


Low Stress Jobs

10- Environmental Scientist and Protection Technician

Average annual salary of $59,750 with yearly growth of 28.0 percent

Environmental scientists and specialists’ aim is to protect the environment when it comes to projects like conservation, recycling, replenishment and general eco-friendly constructions. They identify developmental problems and offer solutions that reduce possible hazards to the health of the environment and the general population.

9- Bus/Truck General Mechanic and Diesel Engine Specialists

Average annual salary of $31,910 with yearly growth of 11.5 percent.

Diesel Engine specialists or mechanics, which includes bus and truck mechanics, repair and maintain diesel engines, which power many heavy transportation machineries. Diesel technicians may also work on other heavy diesel machinery that may not be used for transportation.

8- Environmental Engineer

Average annual salary of $78,516 with yearly growth of 21.9 percent.

Environmental engineers job revolves around the theoretical side what environmental technicians eventually do. They use scientific and engineering principals models to plan, design and forecast steps to preserve healthy water, air, and land for human habitation.

7- Carpenter

Average annual salary of 40,810 with yearly growth of 6.0 percent.

Carpenters� tasks are somewhat different, however they mostly follow the same basic steps; work according to drawings or blueprints , measuring, marking, and arranging wood and soft non-metalic materials in accordance with local codes. Carpenters cut and profile wood, plastic, or fiberglass material using hand and power tools. Most of our household furniture have involved some level of carpentry.

6- Construction and Building Inspector

Average annual salary of $50,180 with yearly growth of 17.0 percent.

Construction and building inspectors examine and monitor many structural assemblies like streets, sewers, water systems and buildings. Their main task is to ensure that construction and maintenance of any structure is in compliance with established standards and codes.

5- Environmental Scientist (specialist) – Low Stress Jobs

Average annual salary of $59,750 with yearly growth of 28.0 percent.

More specifically in the field of water and liquid waste treatment plant, health and population, environment engineers analyze our air, food, water and soil to define the best way to clean or takes steps in the preservation of our natural environment.

4- Civil Engineer

Average Annual Salary of $68,600 with yearly growth of 18.0 percent.

Civil engineers work a great deal with the design, construction, development and maintenance of the physical and human built infrastructure like buildings, bridges, tunnels and roads.

3- Sales Manager

Average Starting Annual Salary of $43,325 with yearly growth of 13.0 percent.

Sales managers take on jobs from companies’ market research and coordination to developmental promotions and public relations activities. In smaller companies the owner or chief executive officer usually assume these responsibilities, however, in larger companies these responsibilities are clearly defined and only carried by the Sales managers.

2- Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary of $58,460 with yearly growth of 20.0 percent

Almost every organization uses computer and information technology (IT) to conduct their business and operate more transparently and efficiently. Computer systems analysts employ Information Technology (IT) tools to assists enterprises in achieving their short and long-term goals.

1- Computer Software Engineer

Average Annual Salary of $67,790 with yearly growth of 21.0 percent.

Software engineers design, develop and optimize many forms of software and it is the number 1 on the list of low stress jobs.� The variety of their products ranges from computer games, business applications to aerospace software algorithms. These engineers deal with sophisticated computer codes and are at times limited by the capability of hardware.

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