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Kangana Ranaut says she needs no accolades, talks about Sushant Singh Rajput’s THIS mistake

Kangana Ranaut, Sushant Singh Rajput

Kangana Ranaut says she needs no accolades, talks about Sushant Singh Rajput’s THIS mistake

The daring and exquisite actress Kangana Ranaut shouldn’t be fascinated with any honour or appreciation as she feels that accepting such validation can provide the Bollywood mafia a ‘power’ over her. According to the actress, the late Sushant Singh Rajput made the ‘mistake’ of looking for accolade, which made the mafia put a ‘price ticket’ on him. Kangana on Friday took to Twitter to clarify the one mistake dedicated by Sushant was ‘he let Bollywood mafia resolve who he was.’

Reacting to a tweet by a information portal appreciating her efficiency in sports activities drama Panga, the actress tweeted saying she needs no validation of polls. “I need no validation of polls or juries anymore, when we give them power over us then only mafia gives them price tag, Sushant made this mistake he let them decide who he was, remember if you don’t know who you are the world will tell you, I know who I am so thanks but no thanks,” Kangana tweeted.

In a separate tweet, she spoke about ‘figuring out your value’ and wrote, “when people or system fail you it becomes all the more important to be kind to yourself, most people hate themselves because others fail to love them, never make that mistake. Know your worth”

On Sushant’s beginning anniversary on Thursday, Kangana expressed remorse for not standing up for him when he was bullied by the ‘film mafia’. She tweeted, “Dear Sushant, movie mafia banned you bullied you and harassed you, many times on social media you aksed for help and I regret not being there for you. I wish I didn’t assume you are strong enough to handle mafia torture on your own. I wish … Happy Birthday dear one #SushantDay.”

“Above everything celebrate Sushant day as a celebration of life, don’t let anyone tell you that you arnt good enough, don’t trust anyone more than yourself, leave people who tell you drugs are the solution and suck you dry financially and emotionally, celebrate #SushantDay,” she wrote in one other tweet.

To be famous, Sushant was discovered lifeless in his Mumbai condo on June 14 final yr. After his deat, many theories and conspiracies emerged. Currently, three investigating agencies- CBI, NCB and ED are interrogating the dying case.

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